The Annual Golf Tournament in North Carolina is Back in 2021!

Join us on October 21st at Rock Barn Country Club and Spa in North Carolina for this exciting event that benefits Nicaraguan elders!

Read Our Briefing Papers! 

JFRF has been working hard to share the facts about aging in Oregon and the U.S. We have 4 briefing papers to inform people about how our country’s age structure is changing and what that means for everyone.

Oregonians Living Longer and Better

Oregonians are living longer, but this “longevity bonus” may come at a cost.

Housing Challenges for Older Oregonians

Increasing numbers of older adults in Oregon are “housing challenged.”

Oregon's New Age Structure

The changing age structure of Oregon is more than just a passing wave.

The Financial Security of Older Oregonians

Converging trends are threatening financial security for older adults.


The Jessie F. Richardson Foundation empowers communities, in resource constrained areas, to provide multi-generational support for underserved older adults.

JFRF empowers by:

  • Building civic infrastructure
  • Identifying, strengthening and deploying community assets.
  • Using a multi-generational, sustainable network of resources.
We succeed in achieving our mission by investing in long-term partnerships to build capacity in local communities in Oregon and beyond. We listen and seek to understand the needs within communities, then promote the development of effective, culturally sensitive, and sustainable solutions by utilizing available resources. We strive to work with communities to strengthen human assets and organizational processes so that both can support collective community priorities.

What’s Happening?

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JFRF changes the world! By helping abandoned seniors in vulnerable regions, we bring light, hope and fresh thinking to a growing issue. Three cheers to Keren Brown Wilson – she introduced our nation to assisted living and now she’s assisting seniors living in poverty around the globe.

Gary Withers, Advisory Council Member

I am involved with JFRF because you can directly see the impact of its work. In a poor country like Nicaragua, where there are little to no government resources for impoverished and abandoned elders, JFRF’s support and engagement make a huge difference.

Joanne Handy, Fmr. Board Member

To return to the hogar in Jinotepe and to see the change in the expressions of the same residents I had seen with forlorn dejection 3 years prior, to smiling happiness resulting from the improvements in their lives, one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! Choked me up? You bet! Was it worth the investment of volunteer time and talent and treasure? It was and continues to be.

Tony Leineweber, Board Member

I feel as though this international fieldwork opportunity was an experience of a lifetime. It was an eye opening experience and I was able to learn a lot about the development of occupational therapy in a different country. It taught me the importance of engaging others in activities that are suitable to their cognitive levels to help improve their quality of life. Cassandra Kubes, 2015 OT Fieldwork Participant
It seems to me that a quantum leap has occurred here in Nicaragua. The Jessie F. Richardson Foundation is to be congratulated! Dr. Margaret Neal, PSU Faculty

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