International Initiatives


JFRF began its international work in Nicaragua in 2002, when its founder was invited by the Pan American Health Organization to visit the country. After witnessing the dire situation for Nicaraguan elders without familial support, JFRF focused on developing sustainable local approaches and a replicable model to support the efforts of developing countries to address the issues of a rapidly aging population.

Our successful model in Nicaragua focuses on strengths-based, asset-building philosophies and includes activities such as:

  • Identifying local community champions
  • Strengthening local alliances and long-term partnerships
  • Supporting advocacy activities that provide necessary information to develop care strategies for elders
  • Technical assistance training for organizations that aim to strengthen administrative and technical skills
  • Eldercare training for hogar staff, healthcare workers, community and youth volunteers, and the elders themselves
  • Promotion of intergenerational relationships to promote a culture of respect, care and mutual support
  • Microenterprise development to generate supplemental operating income for hogaresĀ 

Learn more about some of our international initiative work: