Our Board of Directors

Chair: Keren Brown Wilson Ph.D., CEO & Founder of JFRF

Vice Chair: Kenneth L. Burgess, JD, Partner, Poyner Spruill

Secretary: Mary Jaeger, External Affairs Director at Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services

Treasurer: Mark Stevenson, EVP, Chief Financial Officer, Craft3

Rob Arnold, Vice President, Business Development at Grove Medical, Inc., North Carolina

Marvin A. Kaiser, Ph.D., Dean Emeritus, Portland State University

Sean Kuni, Board Member, Kuni Foundation

Carmen Largaespada Fredersdorff, Ph.D., Chair, Nicaraguan Aging Advisory Council

Tony Leineweber, Retired President, Central Catholic High School

Larry Lollis, President, Grove Medical, Inc., South Carolina

Carron Suddreth, Executive Director, The Villages of Wilkes, North Carolina

Emeritus Board:

Martha Pelaez, Ph.D.

Janet Sehon

Gary Withers, JD

JFRF utilizes the expertise of Advisory Councils in the areas in which we work.

Our Team

For general inquiries, please email our team at info@jfrfoundation.org 

Dr. Keren Brown Wilson, Founder & CEO, (503) 408-4088 kwilson@jfrfoundation.org

Stephanie J. Hooper, President, (503) 348-3633 shooper@jfrfoundation.org

Dan Fahrbach, Content Development Specialist, (503) 408-4759 dfahrbach@jfrfoundation.org

Beth Mitchell, Communications Director, (503) 408-4759 bmitchell@jfrfoundation.org

Colette Livermore, Operations Specialist, (503) 408-4752 clivermore@jfrfoundation.org

Deborah Martin, Programs Director, (503) 408-4759 dmartin@jfrfoundation.org

Dra. Carmen Largaespada Fredersdorff, Chair, Nicaraguan Aging Advisory Council, Nicaragua

Samanta Lacayo Trujillo, Partnership Manager, Nicaragua