Advocacy & Leadership

JFRF believes change and social impact are greater when communities coalesce around issues of miguels-photos-4-13-05-112-e1478125139713importance to them. Our role is to help increase awareness of aging issues at every level. We do that by engaging local communities in conversations about aging, supporting their engagement and facilitating the development of coalitions of organizations to work on community priorities related to aging.

An example of our advocacy work is in our partnerships with organizations in Oregon such as CareOregon to improve the ability of caregivers to provide greater quality care to older adults, and the Oregon Purple Ribbon Commission to ensure consumer values of autonomy and independence are respected in programs for older adults. Another example of our advocacy work is in our support of the Nicaraguan Aging Advisory Council which acts to identify and prioritize goals related to aging issues in Nicaragua 

Longer lives are now a part of the life cycle, but will these extended years be ones of disability, dependency and lack of purpose? The answer will be influenced by the intersection of personal health and well-being, and the larger community’s response to emerging opportunities and challenges of an aging society. 

Growing numbers of older households have home mortgages and renters on fixed incomes face rapidly escalating prices. And beyond basic affordability, the suitability of homes adds further challenges. As a result, increasing numbers of seniors are “housing challenged.”

Converging trends are threatening financial security for older adults, especially those within minority populations. Left alone or ignored, this increased risk is almost certain to have significant implications when linked to the dramatic increase in the number and percentage of older adults, including those living in Oregon. Click here to read our whitepaper about financial insecurity in retirement for older adults.
JFRF is leading the conversation in aging and support for older adults in Oregon. Click here to read our whitepaper about the changing age structure in Oregon.
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