Annual Ageless Award and Luncheon

The 2019 Ageless Award Luncheon was a resounding success, with over 350 people in attendance and over $200,000 raised! Click here to see the photos! 

At the event, we talked about what it means to “do something” in light of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in our aging society. As this year’s honorees demonstrate, older adults need to be seen as vital contributors to our communities and not a burden. Thank you for “doing something!

This year, we proudly honored:

Bobbie & Bernie Foster

Mrs. Antoinette Hatfield

Bob Moore

Bobbie & Bernie Foster, The Skanner News

Mrs. Antoinette Hatfield

Bob Moore, Bob’s Red Mill

JFRF would like to thank the Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund who matched sponsors at the $2,500 and $5,000 levels, along with individual gifts of $500 and above

About the Ageless Award

Each year, the Ageless Award is given to individuals who are 75 years or older, demonstrate the importance of living a purposeful life and who continue to make significant contributions to society: as volunteers, philanthropists, mentors and civic leaders. JFRF gives out this award because we think it’s important to celebrate people who have gone above and beyond throughout their lives to serve others, and who inspire people to do more in their communities.

JFRF’s annual Ageless Award Luncheon and fundraiser is our way of reminding others how important the contributions of older adults are to our communities, not only because of the work they’ve done throughout their lives, but also because of the contributions they continue to make into older age.