Housing and Services Collaborative

JFRF is developing a new model of housing and health related and social services for seniors that utilizes existing resources, unites local partners and engages mission-driven community members. Our team of experts is poised to create a comprehensive pilot project utilizing practical, community-driven solution for rural or lower income outlying neighborhoods in the greater metropolitan area. The proposed solution combines HFD building strategies, community/neighbor based service delivery and health related service delivery mechanisms resulting in an affordable, sustainable model that is less reliant or independent of subsidies for either the housing or the services. This pilot will serve as a replicable model for other communities facing a severe shortage of affordable housing and services for seniors.

JFRF has assembled a work group of skilled, experienced representatives with a proven record of developing innovative models of housing and services. Our combined knowledge of senior needs, experience building innovative affordable housing, local cultural champions and partnerships with health providers and other experts leave us well-positioned to fully develop a more sustainable model for senior living.

Our work group is comprised of experts in these areas:                        

• Financing
• Affordable Housing Development
• Senior Care
• Health Care & Service Provision
• Community Development
• Property Management
• Rural & Ethnic Minority Populations
• Advocates
• Education & Evaluation
• Government

Our goals for the project include: 

• Creation of an affordable, practical senior living model that can be replicated
• Implementation of innovative project (building) financing strategies less reliant on subsidies
• Utilization of approaches that reduce development & construction costs
• Development of robust partnerships at the local level
• Introduction of new more cost effective approaches for delivering services