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JFRF’s interprofessional programs in Nicaragua are an opportunity for students in allied health degree programs to integrate theory and conceptual practice with real client situations. These direct experiences deepen the understanding of global health issues and interventions, as well as develop competencies needed to work with diverse patient populations. This nationwide program allows students from universities across the United States to work side-by-side. 

JFRF’s fieldwork and clinical internship programs are designed for graduate or undergraduate students interested in an international learning experience to meet coursework requirements, including Capstone projects. All of our fieldwork and clinical internship programs are in compliance with objectives and guidelines as outlined by your profession’s governing association.  JFRF’s long-standing relationships with partners in various Nicaraguan communities allows us to effectively support students and faculty to meet academic goals. With our team of local program support and Nicaraguan staff, JFRF will arrange your in-country logistics to ensure that your educational experience is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Please contact us to explore options for creating a program that will meet your academic requirements. 


Service LearningJFRF has developed a unique service learning program to offer immediate assistance, build capacity, and create sustainable solutions to support indigent elders in Nicaragua, the second poorest country in the western hemisphere.

From community health and engineering, to nursing and allied health professions like physical and occupational therapy, JFRF has sent students from a multitude of professions to Nicaragua. Our service learning programs engage university students with Nicaraguan communities in a partnership that allows students to combine academic theory with practical, real-life experience, providing students with a broader understanding of course content. Students are given an opportunity to create a lasting impact through meaningful community projects and, in turn, these communities provide a hands-on educational experience for students.

Our service learning programs for graduate and undergraduate students are approved for academic credit and typically last 1 – 4 weeks depending on your university’s guidelines. JFRF will arrange in-country logistics to be sure that your service learning program is tailored to meet coursework and university requirements. Our in-country staff meticulously vet lodging, transportation and other service providers, as well as numerous work sites to ensure your academic goals can be met and students will have a lasting learning experience.

Among the universities with which JFRF has worked are Oregon Health & Science University, Portland State University and Concordia University, all of the Portland Metro area.


If you are a student or university looking to establish a service learning program or take part in an international educational experience, please contact Beth Mitchell, Program Director, at or 503-408-4759.

If you’re not affiliated with a college or university but are interested in JFRF’s other educational and training opportunities, click here.