Nicaragua Disaster Relief

As Nicaragua navigated the hardships of the pandemic, floods resulting from record-breaking storms devastated many regions and hogares (elder homes) creating a humanitarian crisis. The water damaged everything in its path, from buildings to food and supplies needed for elders. Losing these vital supplies hit the hogares especially hard since they were already experiencing supply shortages, as regular local resources ran critically short.

Areas of Nicaragua, where JFRF has worked for nearly two decades, are the original sites for JFRF’s asset based community development model that is the foundation for our initiative work. What we’ve learned from the crises Nicaragua has experienced – the pandemic and flooding, as well as the ongoing political unrest in the region – is that the model we implemented years ago works even under extreme hardships. JFRF’s model has saved lives and communities.

We thank our many supporters for helping us to implement and sustain support over these many years.