Service Recognition Awards and Scholarships



JFRF supports the work of people focusing on issues affecting older adults as well as direct care workers. We have given the Ladd Award since 2003 for those working to improve community based care and the Donna Sanders LEAP Award has been given to a direct care worker for promoting well-being and the Life Enrichment Activities Program since 2009.

In 2013, we introduced the Ageless Award™. This award is given to individuals who are 75 years or older, demonstrate the importance of living a purposeful life and who continue to make significant contributions to society: as volunteers, philanthropists, mentors and civic leaders. As our most widely recognized award, we celebrate recipients annually at a luncheon that draws hundreds of guests from all over the state and abroad. Click here for more information on the Ageless Award and luncheon.


Scholarship support has been given to service learning students working in Nicaragua since 2004. Additionally, a scholarship program has been implemented in Nicaragua that is directed to graduates or current university students to work directly on aging issues in the communities in which JFRF works.

If you would like to learn more or make a nomination for a JFRF award, please contact Beth Mitchell at