JFRF’s 2017 Occupational Therapy (OT) Fieldwork Experience taking place in Nicaragua is currently underway, with 8 students from universities across the United States participating! The students are working with elders in multiple hogars, as well as a community meal site, doing activities such as assessments, adaptations and various therapy projects. OT as a profession is not widely seen in Nicaragua, so this program is a great opportunity for OT and OTA students to both shape the profession in the country, as well as hone their skills as professionals.

JFRF is currently accepting applications for 2018 OT Fieldwork Experience. We are excited that this experience is now interprofessional as we’ve added PT students to the program for 2018, which should lead to a truly valuable learning experience for all participants. Click here for more information and application materials or email Beth Mitchell, JFRF Program Director, at bmitchell@jfrfoundation.org.