Every year, the Jessie F. Richardson Foundation (JFRF) honors unique older adults who have made significant contributions to society with its Ageless Award™. Last year, we had the pleasure of honoring true pillars of their communities: Governor Barbara Roberts and Bill “The Schonz” Schonely. We are excitedly now accepting nominations for the 2017 Ageless Award. 

JFRF gives out this award because we think it’s important to celebrate people who have gone above and beyond what is considered to be “all in a day’s work,” and who inspire others to do more in their communities. At our annual Ageless Award Luncheon and fundraiser, we honor the importance of older adults in their communities, because of the work they’ve done throughout their lives and because of the contributions they continue to make into older age. 

If you have been inspired by someone who has made his or her community a better place over the years as a volunteer, philanthropist, mentor or business leader, please consider filling out a nomination form and submitting it to JFRF. To qualify, all nominees must be:

  • 75 years or older
  • An individual who has made and continues to make substantial contributions to our community and society
  • An individual who serves as a model of both the ideal that all communities are intergenerational and that our elders are a significant part of the community fabric

Click here for a 2017 Ageless Award Nomination Form